Steve_Schultz_Knives2Steve Schultz started making hand-made knives as a part-time maker in 1988 while living in Acworth, GA. He has always been an avid outdoorsman and has had an appreciation for knives since his youth. He purchased his first hand-made knife in 1976 while back-packing in Alaska, but it was not until 12 years later until he tried crafting his own. He makes all his knives by what is commonly known as the “stock removal” method. Steve sometimes forms his damascus at a  friend’s shop who is an ABS Journeyman smith or secures quality commercially made Damascus from other sources. His knives have been sold and used by hunters from Alaska to Florida and from Australia to Africa.

IMG_20130920_131021_438Hollow Grinding A Knife Blade


 Steve and his family reside in West Fork, Arkansas where he continues to make custom knives on a part-time basis. Because of his limited time in the shop, he does not take custom orders and only sells the knives listed in Knives for Sale page.

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